Today we toured Copenhagen’s north harbor (Nordhavn) with a wonderful group of American students studying at DIS Copenhagen.

The former industrial dockland is undergoing a historic transformation where in the next 40+ years the area will become home to another 40,000 residents and 40,000 jobs. The goals for the new district are quite ambitious. Nordhavn aims to be a living model for sustainable development to support Copenhagen’s long-term goal of becoming the first carbon neutral city in the world.

We toured new anchor points within the Århusgade quarter, with a special focus on how the emerging design of the district’s old buildings, silos, and quays leverages Nordhavn’s distinct waterfront identity. Students shared their thoughts on the progress of the development and Nordhavn’s potential as the ‘city of the future’ here in Copenhagen. What a wonderful way to bridge student perspectives with the realities of democratic design in a capital city!