Copenhagen is full of research-driven designs to promote health and well-being.  There is a willingness to experiment, analyze and develop new models for integrating opportunities for better health and social inclusion in our urban environment. Scaledenmark recently led a bicycle tour in the vibrant Østerbro and Nørrebro neighborhoods, highlighting design strategies related to climate change, health, and social justice. This tour explores how “greening the city” has benefits beyond bringing people closer to nature. We travel to buildings such as COBE’s “Forfatterhuset Kindergarten,” where a building and a landscape become one. The building is a fusion of materials and landscape typologies emulating a series of flowerpots blooming lush gardens for sensory play, creativity, and active learning. Forfatterhuset is organized around existing trees with five buildings nested among rooftop playgrounds, gardens and small niches. The buildings create secure, learning village for the kids to discover and explore.  Aside from the beautiful red-brick fin façade, the building represents a community-driven approach to building scale, accessibility, and programming. The building’s design is sensitive to the surrounding red-brick neighborhood aesthetic, creating a strong visual connection to the local context, while celebrating the role of green, active learning spaces in the city.  

Interested in joining a tour? Click here for tickets to the next Østerbro tour, which will take place Saturday, August 15th - visiting climate-friendly and recreational hot spots like Tåsinge Square (GHB), Charlottehaven (SLA - Lungaard & Tranberg), Sankt Kjelds plads (SLA). We also offer the following tours on these dates in August and September: 

Nordhavn (August 22nd) Click here for tickets 

Harbour (September 5th) Click here for tickets 

Ørestad (September 26th) Click here for tickets 

Tour the city on bicycles together with our team of architects for small groups up to 12 persons. Learn more about your own city – as a design enthusiast or curious Copenhagener! We look forward to seeing you there.