For as long as the rivers have run and the grasses have grown, man has been fascinated by the pursue of happiness. But what is it that makes us happy? Where in our bodies is the epicentre of happiness? And how did the idea oh happiness change over the last 2000 years? 

To address these questions and bring some happiness to life, the Happiness Research Institute led by Meik Wiking, author of The Little Book of Hygge, curated The Happiness Museum. The museum is one of the first of its kind. So what better place to establish it then in Denmark, a country known for its wellbeing, happiness and quality of life. 

In the museum visitors will take part in exercises involving light and chocolate, and will even be presented with a Matrix-style dilemma of whether to take the blue or red pill [Mitchell, 2020].

Interested in paying a visit?  Even the placement of this happiness oasis will bring a smile to your face: it is located in central Copenhagen, a destination easily accessible by foot, bike or public transportation. So put your helmet on and stroll down to the city center for a ride on the journey of happiness. 

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