THE WELFARE STATE 2.0 : Co-creating a new citizen-driven future


Today we congratulate Bo Christiansen, the founder of Scale Denmark and Exploring Copenhagen for his newly published article n the American based Online Platform : Culturally Enriched Communities. 

In the article, The Welfare State 2.0 : Co-creating a new citizen-driven future, Bo talks about the Danish welfare model. He starts by sharing the story of how his grandparents have been part of co-creating a thriving community around the production of dairy in North-Western Denmark. He later dwells on the cooperative movement: an economic culture of strong labor unions and a large public sector, a movement that was meant to leverage the strengths of local capacity for long-term sustainability through a collective-based management approach.

The article ends with a case study of Sharinggentofte, a local activist movement cofounded by Bo and Heidi Eid, meant to exemplify the way in which Danes perceive their communities and their rights to civil participation.

Want to know more? Read the full article here.